Submission Call

Submission call

Submission call

S/V magazine is having its second submission call!
You can send in your submissions in one or more of the following categories:

–    “Creative texts” – no more than 10 pages / 4 000 words total.
In this category, we accept all genres and forms of text-based creations. These can include images and/or be published as facsimiles. We have a preference for unpublished texts, but we also accept previously published creations (on a blog, in another magazine, etc.), with the editors’ prior agreement.

–    “Translations” – no more than 10 pages / 4 000 words total.
We also want to showcase translations of other writers. In the magazine, they will be published in the “Creation” section. Make sure you get the rights from the authors/beneficiaries to publish the translation.

–    “Critical essays & interviews” – no more than 4 pages / 1 700 words total.
This section aims at sharing critical insights into literary works and their authors. These can range from interviews and free-form portraits to book reviews or critical essays.

–    “Artistic creations”
Our goal here is to feature the work of one visual artist (painting, photography, drawing, etc.) and to create a dialog between the art and the texts. To participate, send us a project (be it in progress or already complete) consisting of a sample of the work (series of images) and a short written presentation addressing your artistic intentions.

Further guidelines:

–    We accept submissions in: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. For written submissions in any language other than those listed above, we require that a translation in one of these six languages be attached.

–    In the case of translations and previously published texts, we will ask you for documents concerning publishing rights.

–    Send us ONE document PER submission category as attached files in your mail.

–    Please send all works in the following format:
For texts – .doc or .docx document, if necessary .pdf
For images – .jpg or .tiff, cannot exceed 300 dpi (must be copyright-free)

We have a blind reading system: all texts will be submitted anonymously to the editing team, so as to ensure impartiality in the selection process.

The magazine will be published in an 18 x 23 cm format (7 x 9 inches).

Send us your submissions by email to:
before July 31st

or by post to:
S/V Revue
600 montée de la Machuronne
01160 Saint-Martin-du-Mont

 For any question, don’t hesitate to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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