S/V is an international association that students and alumni of the ENS school and the Fine Arts school in Lyon started, in a desire to bridge the gap between contemporary literary and artistic creation and its audience in an original, innovative fashion. It has two main purposes: organizing events around contemporary creation (readings, performances, author events, workshops) and auto-editing a magazine twice a year.

The magazine S/V

S/V is first and foremost a magazine with two issues out every year. S/V counts more than a hundred pages and chooses to defend the virtues of a double format – in print and online. It also purports to be a creative magazine, in the broadest sense possible, as it is interested in contemporary poetic practices in all their variety, establishing a dialogue with the history of forms and the world of performance art & literature, and opening itself to creations that blur the borders between genres and media (drawing, photography, sound, etc.).

Through its double desire of scope and attentiveness to creation, the magazine’s main originality lies in its function as a multilingual space: texts are all published in the original language and come with translations, all written by the editors or other translators. We go through this important translating process in order to make the magazine readable by and accessible to as large an audience as possible. What’s more, through a system of submission calls open to all (twice a year), the magazine selects the texts to be published on an anonymous basis. Encouraging young writers and writers who have never – or little – published, the magazine sees it as its mission to reveal new voices and have them resonate with voices that have already found their place in the contemporary literary landscape.

S/V publishes creative texts, but each issue also features an author, in the form of an interview conducted by the editorial team, followed by critical notes and creative texts that function as echoes around the author’s work.

Equally interested in the dialogue between the artsS/V offers in each issue to give free rein to a visual artist (painter, drawer, photographer, etc.), who will use the magazine itself as a space to interact with the text creations. This dialogue takes places in collaboration with a team of graphic designers and curators, and seeks to shape each issue into a new and original creation space.

For the magazine is, first and foremost, a space of creation and experimentation. The first issue, for example, used several printing techniques: risograph, laser, inkjet. One of the two typographies used in the magazine, the Cushing Antique, is exclusive to S/V and is a numerised lead font drawn in 1905.

Each issue can be purchased online, from this website, and in bookstores; each issue is also followed up by a free electronic supplement, roughly 20 pages of creative texts.

S/V finally plays with a third mode of publication, one that is permanent and progressive. As a prolongation of the magazine nad its supplement, the website offers a new medium: critical contributions (reviews, essays, etc.), visual- and sound-based creations (recordings, performances, readings, etc.); as well as translations are published there.

S/V events

The other aspect of the association’s activities is the organization of different events around contemporary creation.

Readings and performances regularly take place in very different places (universities, bookstores, bars, public spaces, etc.) in collaboration with authors, poets, artists, musicians or dancers, so as to establish a dialogue between the world of literature and that of living art.

Writing and translation workshops are also organized in partnership with pedagogical and cultural institutions (high schools, universities, art schools, etc.), thus using the various competences of the editorial team (writing, translation, graphic design, etc.).

Finally, in its search to promote interaction with creators, the association frequently organizes events with authors and artists.


Creative Commons License
S/V Magazine is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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