The crew

Sarah Bahr
Sarah Bahr was born in Germany 1986. After studying at the Institute of Applied Theater Studies in Gießen, she settled down in France to complete her training at the Fine Arts school (Beaux-Arts) in Lyon. She has been involved in a variety of works up to now, bringing together her activities as artist, poet, and stage director.

Ricardo Bedoya
Born in Lima in 1990, Ricardo Bedoya Forno lives in France since 2009 and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature at the ENS school in Lyon.

Federico Calle Jordá
Federico Calle Jordá is Columbian-Venezuelian and was born in Pakistan, even though he travels with European papers to go faster in airports. When he’s not following his father in all the wars of the last two decades, you’ll see him trying to study Spanish literature at the ENS school in Lyon or following girls to far-off countries. From time to time, he writes love poems.

Fabrice MabimeTreasurer, Graphic Designer
Born in Vichy in 1988, Fabrice Mabime is pursuing studies in graphic design and typography at the Fine Arts school in Lyon. He makes attempts at performed readings in order to activate print substances. With the vivacious Alex Balgiu, they are in charge of designing the layout of S/V magazine.

Nelly MonnierSecretary
Born in 1988, Nelly Monnier started studying art and cinema in high school; she then moved on to get her Master’s Degree from the Fine Arts School in Lyon. Painting and literature are the two main activities she focuses on, in a small town in the Ain region.

Tania Romero BarriosPresident
Born in Lima, Peru in 1989, she currently teaches Spanish at Jacques-Feyder High School; in parallel she is a member of the Management Committee at the Peruvian Cultural Center in Paris and International Project Manager for the Peruvian editing house Estruendomudo. She is studying for a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies at the Paris VIII University and works on representations of violence in female Peruvian poetry during the period of the armed conflict.

Hector RuizTreasurer
Born in Valencia, Spain, in 1990, Hector Ruiz is currently studying Spanish at the ENS school in Lyon. He is a member of the Compagnons Butineurs troupe since 2009; he has appeared as an actor in one of their performances as well as in their movie, before becoming a writer for their latest creation, Cassandre (2011).

Kurmi Soto Velasco
She was born on January 28th in a Bolivian town at an altitude of 11 800 feet (3 600 meters). She is currently working on the book ranked 24 695th in sales on Amazon. She knows nothing of numbers.

Anne Théry
Born in 1989, Anne Théry is currently doing research in Art History and Comparative Literature at the ENS school in Lyon, with a special focus on the written works of artists. To avoid getting bored, she also works at the Fine Arts Museum of Lyon, where she assists in preparing modern art exhibitions.

Héloïse ThomasSecretary
French-born (1991) and American-raised.  From her time in the US, Héloïse acquired a great liking for maple syrup and wide open spaces, but she never managed to remember how to convert Celsius into Fahrenheits. Her dream is to open a small, Black-Books inspired library in Brooklyn; in the meantime, she’s preparing the Agrégation exam in English at the ENS school in Lyon, and conducts research on the poetic construction of identity, between Gender Studies and Cultural Studies.

Vincent ZoncaPresident
Born in Dijon in 1987, Vincent Zonca is a PhD student, teaching general and comparative literature at the ENS school in Lyon after having passed the Agrégation exam in French literature. His thesis and research focus on contemporary poetic practices in the Mediterranean and American spaces. He regularly has texts published and has given readings and performances in such events as the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Lyon, the Printemps des Poètes, the Scène poétique, or Poésie et Chanson at the Sorbonne. He also translates poetry from and into Spanish.

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